What we offer

Quickly receive payments from your clients with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Gain new customers and avoid the cost of high fees and chargebacks. You can use both methods: crypto currency and credit cards payment and be sure that there are no excessive costs, complications and risks.

On-line global payments

You can send and receive cryptocurrency payments in minutes from hundreds of supported countries. Process sales from customers worldwide without having to rely on local payment methods.

Instant Exchange

Once the payment of your customers is confirmed, they can get an instant access to the goods/services they paid for.

Safe And Secure

It only takes few clicks for customers to pay a Bitcloudpay invoice. The process is simple while ensuring your customer's funds remain secure.

Volatility Free

Payments in stable cryptocurrency remove any price volatility that you have in classic cryptocurrency.

Simple & secure integration

It takes no time at all to start accepting bitcoin payments. Our API is easy to implement, and our team is here to support you all the way through.

Easy refunds

Refunding your customers is easy and within your control. Fraudulent customers are no longer a risk to be managed: refunds are only made when you, the merchant, approve them.

How it works

Step 1

Bitcloudpay displays the invoice for your customer.

Step 2

Your customers pay the Bitcloudpay invoice at a locked-in exchange rate.
Your customer can buy digital currencies instantly on checkout screen with their V/MC card and pay with it for their purchase or invoice.

Step 3

Bitcloudpay converts the payment into your local currency.

Step 4

In case of successful payment – your client gets an email with the details of payment and further information.

Ready to get started?

Join a network of businesses that already working with Bitcloudpay and start make profit today. It’s free to apply for a merchant account.